Sugihara Paper Quality

The Japanese paper which is made in pursuit of natural whiteness.

At Sugihara Paper Village, by using a traditional manufacturing method with the history of over 900 years, we produce high quality Japanese paper which has natural whiteness.
From now on, we will continue protecting the quality of the Sugihara paper using this manufacturing method which will never change and will be delivering this unparalleled-quality Japanese paper to everyone.

Special characteristics of the Sugihara paper

The Sugihara paper is manufactured under the following strict conditions:

  • 川にさらした楮を干す

    100% mulberry, 100% hand-made

    The quality of the Sugihara paper is based on the principle of 100% mulberry and 100% hand-made. This is the way it has been and will always be.

  • 楮の川さらし

    The traditional method with over 900 years of history

    It is a traditional hand-made method with which high quality is achieved.

  • 杉原紙の検品

    The natural whiteness

    Unparalleled natural whiteness is achieved without any chemicals such as bleach only using the quality of the raw material coming from mulberry which is harvested in the region and through such processes as soaking in the river and others.

  • 多可町の景色

    Produced locally in the region

    All the processes such as harvesting mulberry, soaking in river, and the actual papermaking are carried out locally in the production region.